SmartyAds Claim

make programmatic simple


SmartyAds is a full-stack programmatic advertising company that provides its services to advertisers and publishers. There are many advantages we have: 1. Quality. Advertising materials on the Internet, thanks to interactive banners, are better perceived by users due to their condition than, for example, advertisements in printed publications. 2. High efficiency. Make an Internet banner is much easier and faster than an ad in other media. Of course, holding a large-scale advertising campaign on a large number of sites will take some time. However, if it is necessary to notify potential consumers about a product or service as soon as possible, contextual advertising on the Internet can be placed within a few minutes. To get acquainted with the services of Internet advertising, see here. 3. Transparent statistics. You can monitor your impressions through the statistics services. With the help of these services, you can quickly assess the effectiveness of advertising. 4. Low cost. Compared to other types of advertising, the cost of advertising on the Internet is much lower. Maximally reduce the budget of the advertising company allows the correct setting of goals and attracting only interested people. Also, there is a choice of a convenient way for an advertiser to pay for advertising (for 1000 impressions, per action, per click or on time). 5. Unobtrusiveness. While commercials, often flickering on television, are only annoying by their obtrusiveness to most people, advertising on the Internet does not distract users from their primary goal of obtaining information.