For over 20 years, the A.C.C. Summerfest, held in the second week of July, has been the culminating weekend for All-Things-Armenian, in the city of Toronto. Besides being a celebration of culture, food, and community, it has also been a weekend that many businesses in and around the GTA utilised as the ideal grounds to introduce themselves to the community. All kinds of businesses, ranging from entrepreneurs to some of the largest corporations in Canada, have advertised in the A.C.C. Yearbook, placed banners inside the festival tent, and participated in the market at the festival.

Now, there is a new means by which the Toronto-Armenian community can come to know which businesses are here to serve, while standing as partners of the community, and champions of ongoing growth and development of our programs and initiatives.

Anybody is free to register their business- After a few basic checks, your business can be added to our listing! But it is only those businesses who have emerged as our supporters who have complete listings, with company information and details.

Please look around, and remember this website when you find you need a product or service that may be available on here! We continue to try to improve this tool, so please give us your feedback as well!


Thank you,

Armenian Business Directory – Project Committee